EURUSD: EURUSD posting a long bullish yesterday, breaking the monthly high posted on August 8th, and breaking above the June high as well. Currently the pair is trading at 1.3400 levels. Levels to watch are: Resistance is at 1.3453, yesterday’s high, a break above exposes 1.3490 next, followed by 1.3520. Alternatively support is at 1.3390, a break below exposes 1.3342 next, followed by 1.3300.
EURUSD breaking the monthly high and June high as well.

USDJPY: The USDJPY closing moderately lower yesterday, as the pair find support at 96.97 and currently hasn’t succeeded breaking below this level. If the pair breaks below this level, next support area is at 95.95. Alternatively resistance is at 97.74, with a break above exposes 98.26 next, followed by 98.63, Last Thursday’s high.
USDJPY finds support at 96.97, a break below exposes 96.00 next

CL: Crude Oil closing lower yesterday, posting a long bearish candle, breaking last week’s low. Nearest support is at 103.70, with a break below exposing 102.86 next, followed by 102.2. Alternatively resistance is at 105.05, with a break above exposing 105.83 next, followed by yesterday’s high at 106.94.
Crude Oil breaking below last week’s lows.

USDCAD: The USDCAD closing yesterday higher, a 2nd day in a row, and continuing his bullish momentum today as well. Levels to watch are: nearest resistance is at 1.0440, with a break above exposes 1.0469 next, followed by 1.0510.  Alternatively Support is at 1.0390, the daily lows, with a break below exposing 1.0361 next.
USDCAD closing higher for 2 days in a row and climbing higher today as well.