Faced with slow domestic growth and no rise in interest rates, Asian markets had a rough start to the year, but saw rapid improvement, closely following the continuously rising US bull market. Japanese monetary policy has attracted a lot of attention and investors are watching the Japanese yen closely. Past events have taught us that the currency is the one that’s capable of delivering surprises.

Japanese Yen Plummets – Investors Rise to the Occasion

In this global financial climate, a new breed of traders is looking beyond the Bursa Malaysia and MESDAQ. They seek independence, flexibility and the opportunity to take control over their own investments. The Opteck trading platform simplifies the process of asset trading and allows very fast and flexible investments on the world's top assets – with no need for brokers or investment professionals. Opteck allows traders to invest on the market price performance of assets. There is no need to make any actual purchases.
Most importantly, the CFDs trading method allows traders to potentially profit even if an asset plummets in market price. Therefore, the yen’s recent free fall can translate into rewarding opportunities for Opteck traders.

One Platform – Endless Possibilities

Opteck's CFDs trading platform is currently offering traders more than 1,000 top assets to choose to trade on. There is a wide range of key Asian and international assets available for immediate trading at Opteck. Their commodities list includes precious metals such as gold and silver – assets that have traditionally appealed to Malaysian investors.
With that being said, the Japanese yen is Asia's leading currency and can be traded through Forex on Opteck’s high-tech trading platform. Asset trading at Opteck is a quite simple and convenient process. It's designed to meet the needs of modern investors and offers complete transparency. It takes just seconds to open a trade and you can even run multiple trades simultaneously.
  1. Choose your financial asset
  2. Select the amount you wish to open your trade with
  3. Determine whether to BUY or SELL
  4. Set your stop loss/take profit parameters
  5. Click INVEST
 A typical trade might look like this:
Instrument: Contract for Difference (CFD)
Financial Asset: Gold
Amount: 50
Market Price Directionality: BUY 1,228.13
If you choose to close the trade – your potential profits (calculated based on pips) will be automatically added to your trading account. You will be able to re-invest them immediately. 

The Opteck Trading Platform

The Opteck trading platform is one of the best available in the industry today. It delivers a high-tech yet user-friendly trading environment and gives traders complete control over every aspect of their investments.

The platform is completely secure and is a real-time portal to the world's financial markets; Loaded with advanced analysis tools, charts and exclusive features for account management (price alerts, one-click execution, entry order, favorites etc.), this platform is a powerful tool for day traders worldwide.
Opteck keeps its traders up to date with the latest Malaysian market news, as well as news and analysis of global assets and financial developments. To summarize it all up, Asia’s recent fluctuations are the perfect financial climate for a CFDs trader.