After surprising gains this week even against its natural rival the USD, GOLD has come to a point for brief retraction. The resistance level of  1357.946 has been the next marker for the price action to bounce off of for a brief period. Expectations for today are to look towards a downtrend to retrace previous gains. Traders are advised to look for strong PUT options ranging form 30 minutes to 1 hour.

GOLD strikes a high point, begins short retraction.
Support 1324.209 1329.162 1334.388
Resistance 1343.295 1350.950 1357.946


Despite a large amount of volatility and unusual movements across the commodities market, SILVER has managed to stay relativley stable in the past week. While most of its longer term trading has stuck to its pattern, there is a large amount of volatility in the asset, causing it to be of great value to binary traders. Expectations for today are to see a correction to and uptrend continuing the longer term pattern as a whole. Traders are advised to look for CALL options for up to 1 hour, however to pay attention to short term trends for increased potential.

Silver manages to maintain stability in an unstable market.

Support 20.45022 20.84315 21.13341
Resistance 21.35722 21.52788 21.85395


Fundamental events have caused a loss of confidence in OIL recently.  On the technical side however, futures are bright. Expectation for the coming week and today as well are highly bullish, as traders will seek to raise the price action to original patterns. OIL has passed most levels of support due to heavy divestment and is rated currently as “oversold”. This  cheap value on the current market will spur traders to further hedge sell bets into buy patterns and push the price up into a gain. Traders are advised to look for options towards a CALL for 1 hour.
OIL market becomes desperate for price gain.

Support 97.30 99.86 100.36
Resistance 101.06 102.11 102.69