Not known for its trends but for its volatility, the AUD/USD is going to be generating more than a fair share of movement in the next couple of days. Just as it has begun a short uptrend from support 0.9016, volatility in the pair is bound to increase. Today’s trading will be based on expectations for  bullish movement on the pair, however price actions will vary depending on the market time the asset is being traded in. Traders are advised to look for mainly CALL options ranging from 10-30 minutes.
AUD/USD as it begins its corrective uptrend towards resistance level of 0.9039

Support 0.8880 0.8922 0.8965
Resistance 0.9016 0.9039 0.9061


Generating sentiment for a strong currency the AUD/CHF pair will be expected to make for a strong uptrend during the end of this week.  The price is seen to have the stochastic rating still stable enough to provide for further upward movement. To look forward towards the end of the day, highest probability is to see the  price action moving towards resistance line of 0.8079. Traders are advised to look for CALL options ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.AUD/CHF after breaking the support line and indicating the beginning of its uptrend.

Support 0.8007 0.8035 0.8079
Resistance 0.8103 0.8144 0.8182


Really the late bloomer of the AUD pairs, this currently will hold the most potential for a strong correction. Looking at a very low RSI reading and its current settling on the support line of 1.0835, we have concrete proof of a strong corrective pattern coming within the next 2 days. Today’s trading will be a mix of up and down movements most likely followed by a strong uptrend towards the end of the day. Traders are advised to take a mixture of options on both CALL and PUT depending on the current volatility in the market.
THE AUD/NZD as it settles on its support line before beginning its major correction upwards.

Support 1.0793 1.0811 1.0835
Resistance 1.0843 1.0858 1.0877