Join Tom as He Reveals the Path to Potential Trades

As market liquidity is scarce and uncovering potential trades becomes an agonizing task, Tom takes on the charts and walks you through the different currencies tables, explaining you how to elevate your trades on the existing markets condition


US Consumer Price Index Expected Continues Its Fall Starting 1980

Prior to the Bureau of Labor Statistics announcement, in which the CPI is published, investors forecast it to continue its fall that began in the late 1980. The report conveys the purchasing power of American households and therefore reflects on the general state of the US economy. Despite its continuing fall, statistics show a consumer price increase since last year, August, indicating a subsequent incline in the price of a basket of goods and services and as a result American Families require more Dollars in order to purchase basic items.

German ZEW Survey Fortifies Euro as Confidence Rise

Due to the positive results of the ZEW survey, reflecting on positive expectations from the German economy in the coming six months, the Euro climbed staggeringly and has reached its highest rate in the past three years.

The event that triggered the rise of the Euro alludes to the general sensation of confidence investors across Europe are now experiencing. The ZEW goal is to examine analyst expectations, as such, their report shows a growing confidence in the German economy amongst European analyst and their peers. The results of the report only strengthen the current momentum the Euro zone had been experiencing, leading to further ascent. The Euro’s strengthen against both the USD and JPY, and is now considered a best performer after displaying a stable improvement throughout the year, signifying its enduring recovery.

Canadian Dollar Responds Positively to Manufacture Sales Report

Pushing down the US Dollar as it gains strength, the Canadian Dollar rose on its second day in a row following the Canadian Manufacturing Sales rise, which also indicates on the improvement and health gained by the Canadian economy.

The climb gained by the factory sales were warmly accepted as they exceeded experts’ predictions, regarding the extent of their growth. This change in the total value of sales that was made by the manufactures was the fastest experienced since the previous five months, and thus instantly furthered the CAD movement.