What does South African traders and CFDs have in common? In fact, quite a lot. As the shift to CFD trading continues to grow, the popularity of this one-of-a-kind trading method is gaining global momentum. The ability to trade with leverage has made a major difference in the way South African’s perceive online trading, specifically Forex & CFD trading.

The privilege of being able to trade on more than 1,000 top financial assets at any given time in such a fast-paced environment makes it especially attractive for new traders to get a taste of what CFD trading is all about. When you combine this with a self-patented platform that delivers ultra-fast price alert notifications and instant one click trading, you are starting to understand why South Africans are getting so attracted to it.

The Evolution of Asset Trading

In the “not-so-far” past, asset trading in South Africa was quite popular amongst beginner and experienced traders alike. This was made possible by using a different method of trading, unlike the one we have been mentioning earlier. As the shift to Forex and CFD trading started to become substantial, there was a natural movement of brokers from one method to the other. However, only the ones who have prepared for it in advance were able to grow and nurture.

One of these brokers has to be Opteck. Their ability to present traders with an immediate and worthy alternative, such as CFDs trading, allowed South African traders to continue and enjoy their trading experience while building a solidly smarter trading portfolio for themselves. Knowing that the right timing is everything, seizing market opportunities was now available more than ever before.

Online Education

One of the most important aspects concerning the potential to benefit from Forex & CFDs trading involves an appropriate education. It is almost impossible to get along without an eBook, video tutorial, live webinar, and so on. Luckily, Opteck is one of the few brokers who offer an extensive selection of learning materials suitable for traders of all levels of expertise, from beginner all the way to professional.

Featuring more than 50 CFD trading tutorials to view, numerous eBooks to read and learn from and updated daily market news, this precious knowledge can be consumed by any South African trader who is willing to practice this new form of online trading and also be successful at it.

The Power of the app

All that we’ve mentioned above won’t be possible without an immediate access to the market, regardless of where you are and when you want to trade CFDs. South African traders who use mobile or tablet devices (both Android and iOS) are able to seize trading opportunities as they happen. Combining that with a fully customizable and regulated mobile trading platform creates an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If that sounds like an attractive opportunity and you are residing in South Africa, all that’s left for you to do is to go ahead and open a trading account with a broker like Opteck.