Opteck CFDs offer some of the highest potential returns on investment (profits) in the world of forex trading. CFDs are a simple form of investment that can respond well to basic forex trading strategies. They are flexible enough to be a realistic choice for new investors and also offer potentially high rewards for experienced traders. And the main advantage is you can begin to trade CFDs with Opteck with a relatively small initial investment.

Opteck Invests in Smart Traders

Registering with Opteck is free and investors can choose from a variety of 5 different account types, depending on their deposit amount. In order for you to perfect your skills and learn with zero risks, Opteck created a demo environment where you can practice trading with virtual money. You get a demo account complete with $10,000 demo money. This account enables you to learn and enjoy trading under current market conditions (real-time prices) – the only difference is that you can't withdraw your 'virtual profits'.

Using Forex Trading Strategies on the Opteck Platform

The new Opteck trading platform is a state of the art professional trading tool that can also be installed on your smartphone, iPad or tablet (thanks to Opteck’s customized trading app). It keeps you connected to the global financial markets whenever the major exchanges are trading – usually 24/5.

Serious traders (people who want to make money on a long-term basis) will develop an effective CFD trading strategy. This strategy is usually built around a combination of forex trading strategies, adapted to suit their preferred risk level. Some strategies that are popular with Opteck traders include:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • RSI or relative Strength Index
  • MacD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence
  • Stochastic Oscillator

The names of these well-known forex trading strategies may sound complicated, but they are based on logical principles and are fairly easy to learn. The Opteck education center has a wealth of top quality video courses, eBooks and other learning tools that explain how to build a solid CFD trading strategy that matches your individual investment needs. The Opteck platform is loaded with live charts and trading signals that help you to conduct fast and accurate technical analysis and monitor the performance of your assets on a second-by-second basis.

How It’s Done – Trading CFDs in 5 Simple Steps

Some of the most traded CFDs at Opteck include:





There are over 1 thousand of other assets to choose from, including the world's major currencies. Forex is well known for its volatility (meaning that the relative values of currencies can change at short notice). This creates multiple trading opportunities that can be quickly exploited.

When you've conducted your technical analysis and are satisfied that you see a good trading opportunity you're ready to trade CFDs with Opteck.

  1. Check your account balance and deposit funds if necessary.
  2. Click on your chosen asset e.g. EURUSD.
  3. Enter your investment amount e.g. $100 and adjust your leverage as required (up to x200).
  4. Select your stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) if you want to use them.
  5. Select either Sell or Buy to open the trade.

When you close the trade manually or through an automatic SL or TP your