CFDs trading in South Africa is not different than trading CFDs anywhere else. In fact, as the popularity of CFDs trading grows, so does the number of active traders around the world. Taking a closer look at CFDs as a piece of the puzzle called “online trading”, it is quite obvious that there has been a substantial increase in the number of investors looking for alternative trading opportunities instead of the more traditional ones.

Why are CFDs so special?

So what’s really so special about CFDs trading? Is it the ability to choose from more than 1,000 tradable financial assets? Maybe the potential of making substantial profits? Or maybe it’s the leverage factor that’s involved in the entire process? Make sure you keep on reading if you’d like to find out the correct answers.

One of the most convenient and simple alternatives to the traditional stock trading method known to most people nowadays has to be CFDs trading. This form of trading has been available since the mid-2000s and offers a totally different approach to online trading: “Buying” or “Selling” a CFD. This is being implemented in a so-called web-based “trading platform” that features more than 1,000 tradable financial assets.

Which assets can be traded using CFDs?

Traders can decide which asset they would like to trade on, what type of trade they want to execute - “Buying” OR “Selling”, and what’s the potential profit they will be able to make in the event that their prediction is correct. Some of the more popular assets that can be found in the broker’s trading room are:

1. Stocks: Major company stocks, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Nike, etc.
2. Commodities: Top traded commodities, such as Oil, Gold, Silver, Coffee, etc.
3. Currencies: World leading currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, etc.
4. Indices: Major world indices, such as NASDAQ, S&P 500, DAX, FTSE 100, CAC 40, Nikkei 225, etc.

Opteck currently offers 6 different trading account types, which are suitable for all types of traders. Whether you are looking for an initially small, medium or large investment amount, with Opteck, you can enjoy numerous tools and benefits, such as trading signals, up to 100% welcome bonus, free online webinars, free e-Books, free educational videos, notifications ahead of major market announcements and more.

Benefits of CFDs trading

When looking at the big picture, if one decides to trade CFDs, he possesses the opportunity to take advantage of nearly limitless market situations, depending on the outcome of the contract. CFDs positions basically don’t have an expiration date. As a result, a trader has the capability of holding a CFDs position for as long as he desires. Opteck’s ability to offer CFD trading accessibility through multiple platforms (Web & Mobile) makes trading availability absolutely limitless. Moreover, the permanent usage of leverage makes it possible to potentially enhance your returns from different market exposure levels with a relatively small investment amount.