Finally posting some progressive gains, GOLD ​will start its month long expected retraction.  Touching a resistance level at 1349.40, expectations for a bearish movement are high. Looking towards the day ahead we should be seeing a number of volatile movements signaling the beginning of the downtrend. Traders are advised to look for strong PUT options ranging from30 minutes to 1 hour.
Gold at its height beginning he long term downtrend.

Support 1324.209 1329.162 1333.051
Resistance 1349.440 1343.174 1337.827


Also posting monthly record gains, Silver is set to make a long bearish trend in the month ahead. Speculations point to the risk that the commodity still has room to maneuver upwards, yet indications are towards a long term downtrend. Looking towards today we may expect to see a bit more of a bullish push before the selloff begins. Traders are advised to look for both CALL and PUT options up to 1 hour.

SILVER takes a turn bearish as the market prepares too sell.
Support 20.45022 20.84315 21.13341
Resistance 21.35722 21.52788 21.85395


Fears of over value begin to plague OIL as it starts what looks to be a day long selling period. Market sentiment is strong towards sell bids at this point as the asset has moved past expected gains and is now looking towards a day of losses. Traders are advised to look for PUT options for 1 hour.

OIL takes a dive from market fears.
Support 101.04 101.77 102.43
Resistance 102.93 103.30 103.76