Coming to what is highly expected to be a volatile week in the market, GOOGLE is preparing for the uptrend ahead. After passing target support level of 1178.537, the stock is beginning to show the signs for a corrective pattern. Today’s expectations are to open bearish but to expect the correction to occur later today. Traders are advised to look for a variety of PUT and CALL options up to the evenings expected correction.
GOOGLE making a sharp correction.

Support 1178.537 1189.865 1201.030
Resistance 1214.360 1226.133 1226.135


A mixed week previously has led to a long bearish trend in the Facebook stock. Forecasts are showing a correction but later in the week. Expectations for today are slated towards a further downtrend until tomorrow. Target support level is 66.9708. traders are advised to look for strong PUT options for 1 hour.
Facebook continues its long bearish trend.

Support 62.2135 64.3092 66.9708
Resistance 68.4365 69.6768 71.8534


One of the European stocks to take a major hit to its price due to fundamental events, Vodafone is looking to regain strength in a corrective uptrend this week. After a bounce off of support level 221.861, sentiment is looking very bullish as investors prepare to further rally the price action. Expectations for today are very bullish, looking for large upward movements. Traders are advised to look for CALL options from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Vodafone swings into and uptrend.

Support 221.861 228.222 233.330
Resistance 237.475 244.799 247.787