After surprising gains this week even against its natural rival the USD, the EUR has come to a point for brief retraction. The resistance level of  1.3956 has been the next marker for the price action to bounce off of for a breif period. Expectations for today are to look towards a downtrend to retrace previous gains. Traders are advised to look for strong PUT options ranging form 30 minutes to 1 hour.

EUR/USD strikes a high point, begins short retraction.
Support 1.3848 1.3857 1.3869
Resistance 1.3897 1.3902 1.3956


As Euro strength increases across the board, expectations are for increasing gains in the coming day for the currency. Even while beginning to push the resistance line of 0.8376, market sentiment has dictated so far via our indicators that a further rally towards price gain is coming. Traders are advised to look for CALL options varying from 30 minutes to an hour.

EUR/GBP as it continues to gain.
Support 0.8277 0.8289 0.8300
Resistance 0.8324 0.8342 0.8376


While the majority of Euro assets have posted strong gains in the price action in the last days, EUR/JPY has become more stable in its pattern as the JPY regains strength. Expectations for today are resultant in a position towards continued sideways movement between S&R levels of 143.40 (resistance), and 142.80 (support) respectively. Traders are advised to look for a combination of PUT and CALL options for 30 minutes.

EUR/JPY continue sin a sideways pattern.
Support 141.10 142.47 142.80
Resistance 142.97 143.23 143.40