The forecasted correction to a bullish uptrend has occurred, yet as to its continuation there is a lot of uncertainty. Most sentiments point to a move toward resistance 140.66. this week has thus proved problematic in terms of the assets volatility. As for today, the uptrend is expected to continue as liquidity speeds up. Traders are advised to look for a majority of strong CALL options from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Shaky future this week for the EUR/JPY.

Support 13+.73 139.97 140.21
Resistance 140.46 140.66 140.87


A weak but consistent downtrend has forced the EUR/USD to move towards correction to bullish. However with the lack of overall strength in the pair currently the outlook is for a slow progression before a correction occurs. Looking towards the remainder of today, there is a high chance for continued sideways trading until the US market where a downtrend is expected to appear. Traders are advised to trade as the patterns appear on options of up to 30 minutes.

EUR/USD making a move towards sideways trading.
Support 1.3726 1.3942 1.3762
Resistance 1.3777 1.3793 1.3923


Another interesting turn to a downwards trend. The EUR/GBP its falling short of its expected gain and pushing resistance level 0.8249. the last few hours have culminated in a vain attempt for investors to further push the price action to a higher rate. The downtrend is expected to occur within the day and should be seen during the US market hours. Traders are advised to look for PUT options ranging from 10 to 30 minutes.

USD/CHF in a failed corrective rally
Support 0.8197 0.8217 0.8249
Resistance 0.8282 0.8300 0.8331