European Stocks Appear Indifferent Following Merkel’s Reelection

Entering her third consecutive year as Germany’s chancellor, Merkel’s reelections had no significant nor positive effects on the European stock markets, however the results did help the Euro coin to gain further strength due to Merkel’s pro-euro policies, experts say.
The elections in Germany, Europe’s largest and strongest economy, didn’t stop the European stocks from continuing on a downtrend as they fall for a second day, while Asian shares and U.S. index futures kept their previous positions. On her upcoming third term, Angela Merkel seeks to continue her support of the Euro-zone countries, aspired to elevate Europe’s competitiveness and help the whole of Europe recuperate.

Conference Board (CB) Report Forecast Presents Opportunity

Tomorrow’s morning CB is to be released as investors expect the future figures to drop and thus the Dollar to strengthen. The possible strengthening of the Dollar is derived from the CB report because it indicates on the consumer spending, including labor availability and business conditions, which entails an extensive roll in the general economic activity of a country.

Forecasts Reveal NZD Is to Leap Forward Ahead of Trade Balance

Tomorrow evening Statistics New Zeeland releases its monthly report from which investors learn on the import and export situation in the country. As of now, experts anticipate the figures to drop below their current status, helping the Kiwi Dollar to gain additional strength. The forecasted figures should display a positive number, indicating that more goods were exported than imported.