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​Key Economic Data


The EURUSD has fallen to a new low at 1.1755 breaking into territory last seen in 2005. The terrorist attack in Paris, France yesterday which resulted in the death of 12 people has shocked Europe and the World and led to panic that has spread to the financial markets. With the EURUSD hovering at 1.18 earlier this morning poor German Factory Orders and the ongoing manhunt for the two shooters in France has pushed the pair lower. Yesterday evening reports were leaked that Germany is determined to negotiate in order to maintain the membership of Greece in the common currency union. German officials are said to be willing to renegotiate Greek debts although have ruled out any debt write-down but are ready to adjust the payment schedule. As Germany has opened the possibility on negotiation it remains to be seen how far they will be willing to yield in the two weeks leading up to the elections. It appears increasingly likely that the anti-euro party Syriza led by Tsipras will win the elections and form a government. The euro has declined from as high as 1.6030 in 2008 to trade 43cents and 4300 pips lower in early 2015. Market forecasters are predicting further declines in the Euro and do not rule out the possibility of going to parity with the USD.

The situation in France remains tense as the gunmen are still be stopped or arrested and there is concern of copy cat attacks spreading in France or even the UK and Germany as well as other EU nations. France remains on high alert with thousands of police mobilized to guard railways, schools, hospitals and high risk locations. The latest event will bring Europe's immigration policy into focus with the UKIP in the UK already making headway with their tough immigration stance on EU citizens and from third world countries. Today the French situation will dominate the agenda while tomorrow the US NFP and Unemployment Rate will be in focus from an economic viewpoint.

EURUSD Support areas include 1.1750, 1.1650, 1.1600, 1.1500, 1.1400, 1.1350. Resistance levels above are at 1.1975, 1.2000, 1.2200, 1.2300, 1.2380, 1.2402, 1.2444, 1.2500.

EURUSD 5 Minute Chart


EURUSD 1 Hour Chart


EURUSD Pivot Point Table

Resistance 1 1.1897
Resistance 2 1.1917
Resistance 3 1.1939
Pivot 1.1875
Support 1 1.1855
Support 2 1.1833
Support 3 1.1813