GOOGLE is taking a quick break from the bullish movement to compensate for massive gains last month and throughout the market. Looking towards today speculation is shifted to a minor bearish sentiment to push the price action to 1201.030 support before making a return to bullish structure. Traders are advised today to look for strong PUT options for at least the beginning of the market day for options for 30 minutes.
GOOGLE on the rebound form brief downtrend.

Support 1178.537 1189.865 1201.030
Resistance 1214.360 1226.133 1226.133


Looking towards a bright week ahead a bullish sentiment is strongly seen on Facebook. Market speculation is strongly suggesting a move towards a further push of the price action upwards. The latest downtrend has been expected for some time now and is looking at its end by mid-day today. Traders are advised to look for strong CALL options ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Facebook before a corrective movement.
Support 62.2135 64.3092 66.9708
Resistance 68.4365 69.6768 71.8534


One of the major stock experiencing troubles this week is expected to be APPLE.  Today’s movement is expected to be bullish, moving the price action up to resistance level 534.959. most of the American trading market will react positively to APPLE during this day, however the outlook for the rest of the week remains turbulent. Traders are advised to look for strong CALL and PUT options for up to 30 minutes.

Sideways trading destined for APPLE this week
Support 508.955 521.229 528.822
Resistance 534.959 541.096 549.833