What do people do when they wish to learn something completely new? How about if you ask someone: “What is a CFD”? While some will say they will try to learn it themselves, if you ask most people, they will most probably tell you that they will be seeking an expert advice for that purpose. Nonetheless, when it comes to forex trading, the best practice would be to contact a fully regulated broker and get professional assistance.

How Can Opteck Help?

Known for its proprietary trading platform and solid reputation, Opteck is one of the few brokers that provides a complete education package for newbies from start to finish – both in CFDs and binaries (including forex). What this means is that any prospective trader who is interested in getting an appropriate trading education can visit Opteck’s education center and trading Info section and start reading all the professional material that is currently available - absolutely free.

​Providing this kind of information in such a way can be very valuable to some people who don’t have much free time on their hands, and a sense of confidence to those who can prepare themselves for what’s about to come next: making the decision to trade with a broker.

How Does the Trading Platform Work

The trading platform (available both for desktop and mobile devices) allows you to start experiencing the actual forex trading environment while you continue to learn on-the-go. Only because you started your online forex education course as a complete newbie, doesn’t mean that you can’t practice what you have learned as you progress. For this exact purpose, both the desktop and the mobile app were created - to serve the needs of the distinctive forex trader. So, what exactly are these needs?

In general, new forex traders should be looking for a couple of elements when deciding which broker perfectly suits their personal needs. These elements include:

1. Forex video courses
2. Forex trading eBooks
3. Live forex webinars
4. Daily fundamental & technical analysis
5. Economic calendar

There are several other components that help make this forex bonanza into the total forex trading package. These components belong to the operational side of the platform and include features such as one-click execution, the ability to open multiple positions simultaneously, integrated charting package, price alerts and much more.

How Do I Start with Forex Trading

As previously stated, there is no need to wait if you want to start your forex trading education right away. If you’ve already made the decision to go ahead and trade with a broker such as Opteck, all that’s left for you to do is just register and you will almost immediately be accompanied by your own personal account manager. Account managers are qualified to assist you with everything you require before, during, and after your learning process. Additionally, they will answer any question you might have regarding the operation of the trading platform.