Gunmen Killed 59 People in a Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

While hostages are still being held at a supermarket in the Mall, 59 people have already been killed and there are 150 wounded, as the terror in the Kenya’s capital city continues into its second day of attack.

At this point of time it appears that the gunmen, who entered the mall through its main door and began shooting people in all directions as they covered the entire mall floor after floor, are related to Al-Qaeda militant Islamist organization.

Lead by the Kenyan security forces the rescue attempts got under way quickly, and excluding the supermarket in the shopping mall, all of the other floors have been checked and cleared from further threat. Throughout the rescue operations one gunman was reported to inflict wounds while “several others pinned down”, according to police and army officials.

As the Kenyan security forces continues fighting off this horrifying attack, foreign officials from the US, UK and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have already offered the Kenyan nation and it citizens their condolences and promised to assist the Kenyan government in fight against terror.

Fed’s Retained Stimulus Leads Dollar to an 8-month Low

The Federal Reserve’s announcement regarding its future plans to retain its monthly bond purchasing, unless the US economy gains further strength, was followed by yet another drop of the Dollar, falling to its lowest level since February this year.

It is the third consecutive week that the Dollar losses its strength against the rest of the 16 most traded currencies. This continuous drop of the Dollar expresses the great uncertainty, derived from the Fed’s indecisive actions concerning the Fed’s wishful tapering of the US stimulus plan, which was only resolved when the US central bank announced on September 18 its final conclusion- to keep its bonds purchasing quantity untouched. Consequently to the fall of the Dollar, currency volatility has risen, offering investors increased trading potential.

Mexico Preserves Rates Levels Due to Second Quarter Slowdown

As the figures of the Mexican economy don’t express the anticipated growth policy makers have hoped for, the central bank of Mexico is reported to stall the current interest rates, until the Mexican economy shows further growth. Despite the recent strengthening the Mexican Peso has been experiencing due to the Fed decision to linger its stimulus, experts forecast Mexico’s central Bank to perform an additional rates cut.