Serious geopolitical tensions are felt in certain parts of the world as Iraq, Israel and Ukraine and dealing with the horrific consequences of wars, whilst U.S. pose sanctions against Russia.

The Federal Reserve Chair Lady, Janet Yellen, had made a few offensive remarks regarding the valuation of small internet companies and biotech stocks, claiming they were “substantially stretched”.

Reduction program to repurchase bonds - QE



Future Trends for Apple

  • ​Tablets (large displayed smartphones) threaten iPad sales 
  • Tablet market shrinking 
  • ‘Smart’ home, Apple Smart-TV, Touch ID, iWatch - innovations that are expected from Apple 
  • iPhone 6 + heavy-duty, flexible sapphire glass — is it to appear this Fall? 
  • Rumors: Apple + Tesla 

What To Expect

  • ​​Expectations on EPS (earnings per 1 share) $1.23 vs $1.07 a year before 
  • Sales of iPhones determine (iPhone + iPad = 3/4 of the profits) 
  • Rating upgrades from analysts (Barclays, UBS: $110 and $115) 
  • Tim Cook comments about future products on the Conference Call can be a strong catalyst 
  • In-line (match) with expectations. 

How To Trade

  • Gap up and consolidation above $97 — Call Option ​
  • Buy a gap down near $89.65-$90.00 while market is strong 
  • Gap up and partial/full closure (buy the rumor, sell the news) 
  • Opening below the $92.50-$93.00 — Put Option