​Fallen from its usual post of a haven asset, GOLD traders are in a desperate move to recover losses. Both indications from moving averages signal that the asset is currently a large degree away from pattern movement and needs to push the price action upward to maintain stability. A cross on stochastics was seen earlier today in which we have begun trading the asset up for today. Traders are advised to look for CALL options for up to an hour.

GOLD makes a desperate attempt to rally.
Support 1281.547 1300.512 1316.886
Resistance 1340.565 1367.633 1376.554


In line with its partner GOLD, SILVER has taken gradual losses over the last month and is set to recover through the week. Today expectations are currently low towards large movements but focusing more on consistent trends in a bullish direction. Traders are advised to look for CALL options for up to an hour.

SILVER prepares for the uptrend.
Support 19.71336 19.96962 20.13500
Resistance 20.54009 20.70747 21.03096


One of our better performers form last month, OIL managed to break the 100 Dollar mark during March. Now as the bullish trend has come to an end, an expected downtrend is incoming. With a high RSI rating we see the trend begin in a strong position. Expectations for today are bearish with the target price being support level 100.07. Traders are advised to look for PUT options for up to 1 hour.

OIL takes a bearish sentiment as prices begin to fall.
Support 98.43 99.25 100.17
Resistance 101.07 101.77 102.68