The Contract that Conquered the World

The global CFDs (Contracts for Difference) boom is continuing to grow, while many Malaysians are cashing in on this exciting investment opportunity. More and more traders choose Opteck as their preferred CFDs broker. This may be due to the cutting-edge trading platform and the potentially high returns on successful investments (with up to X200 leverage). Let us take a closer look at what CFDs are, and how Opteck works.

CFDs are a simple and direct form of investment. Traders speculate on the future performance of more than 1,000 top financial assets such as forex, stocks, commodities and indices. Trades can be opened simultaneously and offer substantial profit sums.


• Fast, flexible and simple to learn and master.
• No need to actually purchase assets in order to trade.
• Entirely transparent, secure and exposure-free investment process.
• Fixed low-cost spreads on major assets.
• Risk management tools to lock in potential profits and minimize exposure.

Opteck Traders are Smart Traders

Opteck is a well-established online trading site, known for its transparency and long-lasting partnership with traders worldwide. One of the ways this broker invests in its traders is by equipping them with free education materials. As well as running a superb, high-tech trading platform, Opteck offers a free online education center. It includes a wide range of trading courses, eBooks, and live webinars with market PROs. It's all designed to give you, the trader, a strong financial background and a clear understanding of how to invest.

Unlike some brokers, Opteck really takes the time to teach traders how to use CFD trading strategies, try to avoid losses and practice effective risk management. You can also join their free live webinars and sign up for 1-on-1 sessions with a financial expert. There is also a wide choice of the world's top financial assets (more than 1,000), including some of the best-known brands and household names. Traders have real-time access to the latest market quotes and can enjoy no commissions with fixed spreads.

Is Opteck a Scam?

You could be forgiven for thinking that all of this sounds too good to be true. Some people reading this Opteck review will be wondering what’s the catch – or even if Opteck is some kind of a scam. The answer is a definite NO! Opteck is not a scam. We've been trading with Opteck for a few years now and (after an initial learning curve) have been making steady improvements. We also know many other satisfied traders in Malaysia.

Here's the bottom line with Opteck:

1. Opteck is a regulated broker. They are subjected to strict control by CySEC and abide by strict EU laws and regulations.
2. All traders’ funds are segregated and protected from any malpractice.
3. Opteck has a loyal base of satisfied traders who regularly post in online forums and on review sites. It's their opinions that really count.
4. All of your trading profits are credited to your account in just seconds. Opteck has a top quality Customer Service team that deals with any problem effectively and quickly, processes deposits and withdrawals in a timely manner and provides expert dedicated support at all times.

Trade the Islamic Way

Many Malaysians are keen to trade online and make potential profits but are worried that such activities may be considered as Haraam. There were problems in the past with some brokers making use of riba, or drifting into unethical practices. Opteck offers unique Islamic accounts that guarantee sharia-compliant trading and never charge interest. There are also no hidden fees or commissions, no rollover or swap. Malaysians can feel completely safe and comfortable about trading and investing with an Opteck Islamic Account