News Breaks

U.S. Indices rebounded yesterday after two-days decline, S&P500 is currently set on +0.72%. Let's see whether Indices continue to rise, there is a resistance of $1.952, where sellers may appear.

China has fallen a little, nevertheless it seems to be strong enough to restore its growth.

European stocks have also opened in the black due to the positive reports of French Bank Credit Agricole and BMW.

Facebook had a positive day yesterday, the company managed to restore 8 EMA after the correction. It makes sense to wait for a continuation of movement today, the key point is $73.90.

Apple has fallen while market is still growing, as it sits on on a trend line. Resistance is $96.62, and a breakthrough may lead to a growth up to highs of about $99. The support is $94.80, then — $92.60.

AUD/USD shows us some strength while building a series of rising peaks. It’s better to trade with a Call-option in such an environment.

USD/JPY, after breaking the descending triangle, sits on 8 EMA on a Daily chart. I think, that sometime this week we may see a growth of this currency pair.