European markets are getting tensed amid Putin and Poroshenko meeting in Minsk. A new form of interaction will be discussed there. Mario Draghi noted on Friday that we should expect for some new incentives soon, as deflation remains to be a major problem in the Eurozone.


U.S. Indices

The long-awaited Janet Yellen’s speech took place, but the market was not impressed. In a nutshell, she said that major U.S. stock indices lost about 0.2%, except for the high-tech NASDAQ that keeps on rising.



With the reduction in the rate of the Chinese economy, expectations among economists are growing, regarding the launch of the new Beijing incentives. The authorities of China expect GDP growth for this year for about 7.5%, and to achieve it may indeed need some action. China issued a whole piece of disappointing macroeconomic data last month — starting with manufacturing and up to the volume of lending. This data raised fears that the economy is slowing down.



Telecommunication giants AT&T and Verizon seem to be preparing for a new decrease, after they were sold out due to good reports data — false signals for buyers.


U.S. Dollar

Major currencies against Dollar seem to be distant from the moving averages. It’s worth to expect for a correction at most charts.