World Indexes slightly changed after the growth of Wednesday-Thursday, which was based on Fed’s decision to reduce the bonds purchasing program for another $10 billion. Investors took this sighn positively because programm appeared to be working and there is a gradual recovery. Other assets, such as Gold, Silver and Brent’s Oil, were at the spotlight on Thursday and their growth was caused by geopolitical tension in Iraq. 


Gold seems to be a haven asset for investors in terms of tensed siituations all around the world. Iraq is a key oil market player and there also is a difficult situation. Rebel activity in the North of the country has forced the U.S. to send to Iraq 300 military advisers. From the point of view of technical analysis there was a lot of tips and trading signals. After the 2 months support consolidation of $1280 break up, Gold fell down and found its low of $1240. We had lots of levels to push off ($1240, $1250, $1260, $1270), and also the break ups of resistance. There also were some trading opportunities when the yellow metal reached its potential resistance rate of $1280-$1285 and then it fell to $1258. Buyers have restored a support rate of $1264 and also a 8/21 EMA. Struck $1272 and resistance in control of the movement of the moving averages reached the previous high penetration which attracted a lot of buyers. The price fastened and set a high of $1321 in an inflamed move. I’ll use Fibonacci levels to measure the buyers’ strength. The higher they hold up the price, the more chancese for an upward movement resumption there would be. The first potential support is around 38% 1306.59, and $1302 after that.



Silver has reached my first target even sooner than expected. The price broke up 200 EMA and set a high of $20.90. A strong support was around $18.30-$18.70.

It’s hard to buy at this level so I’ll wait for a flag formation or a consolidation near to the high. The first potential support is about $20.30 (it’s about a half of the big candle), and a resistance of $20.00 which should now act as a support. If the high of $20.90 is broken, than we may expect a growth with the closest target of $22.