CFDs (Contracts for Difference) has gained a growing popularity worldwide in the past 2 years. Its transparency and ease-of-use draw independent investors from all levels and backgrounds and researchers now claim it is very common amongst traders from Saudi Arabia. The big question is – why?

Let’s start off with the basics: When you decide to trade CFDs, you can almost immediately start taking advantage of no commissions and fixed spreads on over 1,000 assets. This alone opens a world filled with endless possibilities in front of you. Sounds like a good start, right?

But that’s not all. The real question that still needs to be answered is what triggered Saudi traders to recognize the tremendous potential that comes with CFD and Forex trading. The answer is self-explanatory: the online trading industry has evolved. For that same exact purpose, a few online brokers, such as Opteck, have developed a so-called “custom-made” trading platform, so every Saudi Arabian trader will be able to benefit from optimal trading conditions and build a strong, diverse portfolio for himself.

What's So Special about CFD Trading?

A Contract for Difference is a tradable instrument that reflects the movements of the asset underlying it. This allows for any trader to earn a real profit when the underlying asset moves in relation to the position taken. It’s also very important to mention that the underlying asset is never owned. Sounds complicated? Not really.
When you want to open a CFD position, all you have to do is decide if the asset (forex, stock, commodity or index) will rise (Buy) or fall (Sell) in price. Add the leverage effect to it, and you will figure out exactly what’s so attractive about this form of online trading.

Developing Your CFD Trading Plan

As CFD trading popularity grows more and more amongst Saudi Arabian traders, some of them start to wonder if there is a certain way to properly trade CFDs. Even though this might sound awkward at first, the reality is that you can develop your own CFD trading plan on the go, while paying attention to some key points along the way. This is solely meant to help reduce risk and increase the overall trading experience.


The plan’s guidelines are:

  1. First and foremost, know your method of trading
  2. Trading timeframes
  3. Which technical indicators to use
  4. Reviewing each CFD trade when it’s complete
  5. Setting realistic profit & loss targets
Following the above guidelines is vital if you are aiming for a successful trading portfolio. However, like with everything else in life, there is never a 100% guarantee for success.


Choosing Your Online CFDs Provider

If you are a Saudi Arabian trader and you would like to follow the above-mentioned guidelines, there is one specific broker who will accompany you along the way. Focusing exclusively on trader’s education, personal trading sessions, dedicated support assistance and cutting-edge technology, Opteck can be the smartest choice. Just by taking a quick tour of Opteck’s education center, one can understand the commitment this broker has to the advancement and success of its traders. In addition, the entire site and platform are translated to Arabic, making it so much easier for a trader from Saudi Arabia to trade the global markets with ease.

As one can clearly see, trading CFDs online is something that does require some sort of preparation. Finally, when you eventually make the decision to start trading CFDs, it is highly advisable to do it with a regulated broker that offers a swap-free status with 100% Halal certified Islamic trading account.