Yesterday, buyers restored most of the fall despite the geopolitical tensions in Iraq and Ukraine. Now you can expect consolidation to the end of the week and possibly further pullback. Global markets are in a nervous state.

If we look at the SPY chart we may see thet S&P500 has turned off its highs, broken the consolidation and closed below the 8 EMA. As a result of some good news of New Houses Sales and Consumer Sentiment Index S&P has grown to the resistance but then it reversed from it. It’s an important information for the short-term traders. The whole picture seems to be positive anough. We need few more days to look at the situation and predicts its further movement.


The leading shares are Microsoft and Intel. MSFT is showing great results, the price is above the 8 EMA.


Intel gave an upside guidance — they expect much better sales results this year. Few days consolidation took place and a continuation was after that. We could buy yesterday $30.50, but today it’s already $31.00.


Facebook has broken the level of $65.70-$66.00 and now it reached $67.15. And while other shares were closing with a minus FB closed with a little plus. It had broken the previous high and set a new one instead. That’s how it looks on a 15-minutes chart:


Twitter shares had a greate fall, but after the downtrend range was broken it shows us some strength. It’s already above the 8/21 EMA and 50 EMA. Yesterday it jumped off $38.00 and closed at $39.50. The next poin of resistance is $39.65, penetration of which may give us $42.


General Electric. We have a third day of falling. Even though the market is growing, GE’s shares keep falling. They are below 8/21 EMA and 50 EMA.

General Electric

Another example of falling shares at the background of a strong market may be IBM. Its also below all moving averages, below 8/21 EMA. There already are seven days of a fall down out of 12. Despite the strong market these shares’ price is consolidating below the previous low. Apple is also showing us its weakness. Yesterday it closed near to the zero point. If the support is about $87.25 where 50 EMA is, I’ll consider a trade down.

On the Forex market EUR/USD is in consolidation, there are a lot of a chaotic moves. It was in a downtrend, but now is showing some strength, but it’s still hard to trade with it.

GBP/USD is building a greate base. Today it’s traded above the previous high. Pound is on my uptrade list as soon as AUD/USD.

CAD/USD is a week currancy pair because we can see the reduction of its peaks. It’s below all the key moving averages exept for the 200 EMA. There are a lot of red candles. We may see a strong levels about 1.0800-1.07600.

USD/JPY is in the consolidation since the February 2014. Now the key moving averages are to curl down. If it holds up below the averages we may see a breakthrough and a level of 101.200-98.200.


Banking Sector sentiments are mixed. Wells Fargo (WFC), Morgan Stanley (MS), JP Morgan (JPM) are relatively strong. Citigroup (C) is under all the averages.