Nice gap up after earnings. I do think the new dynamics can keep this going to the upside. First step was to hold earnings gap on Thursday with $560.73 being that pivot. It gave us another trade through $572 towards $575. Had a nice three day up move from 530 to 595. It would be healthy to see some rest (upper level consolidation or flagging) before continuation. I will measure this move with Fibonacci levels (the higher it will hold the higher probability to continue). Use yesterday's high as the new point of reference, as it could see a small pullback before potentially making move higher. There will be many trades along the way.



This currency pair had a nice calculated move after broke up of the neckline. Now it dropped key moving averages first time since red dog reversal on 12 of March. It means that it may enter in more complex pullback. Our next buyable area could be 50 MA. It tested resistance level at 0.93156 that acted like support earlier. So it would be healthy to see close above that level, then buying interest may resume.



GBP/USD has been building a nice upper level base and looks poised to make a move higher. Currency pair has different trends depend on timeframe that you trade. Accelerated, intermediate and macro trend that is intact since November 2013. I am looking for a potential move above 1.68577. We have support at 1.67624. We can even trade some tactical trade with a put option below that level of support. Know  your time frame and navigate.




USD/CAD is curling down after controlled retracement from big move down (1.12782 to 1.08580). In the morning it is trading below previous low of the day means that sellers have new interest in lower prices. We have plenty of news on US dollar as well as for Canadian dollars. Be cautious and make adjustments.