Despite previous data, market sentiment has changed towards Facebook as of yesterday. Since previous indications were strong bearish trend for the remainder of the week, Facebook was expected to break support at 53.0503. As of today we have seen a major corrective pattern in the overall trend and the price action is now looking to retract past resistance level high point of 58.5747. Movements during the day can be expected to continue bullish patterns, with a possibility for a minor correction at the later end of the day.

Support 53.0503 54.1903 55.1549
Resistance 56.2071 57.0840 58.5147

Apple Inc.

In surprising contrast to its competition, Apple has had a major change in trend sentiment. After closing at a stable point just bouncing off its resistance, this week has shown a negative feeling market wise towards the stock. RSI indicates to us no intention of changing course for now, and we can expect a continued downward trend for the remainder of the week. Look for PUT options and 30minute to 1 hour trades.



Support 499.627 509.879 514.466
Resistance 527.526 529.574 536.589


After its corrective pattern yesterday, GOOGLE is now moving to retract towards a new resistance of 1143.059. Indicators still show a primarily strong bullish sentiment in the market today. Forecasting from data of yesterday's movements, we can confidently expect the stock’s price movement to reach a level of 1143.059, and a good indication it will reach 1153.882 before the trading day ends. Look for Call options ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.



Support 1165.607 1153.882 1143.059
Resistance 1131.034 1124.119 1108.486