Last week's trading sessions provided us with another top to complete out triple top formation on the daily chart; this formation is very rare and presents strong resistance around the 1.3800 area. The pair failed for the third time in a single month and went back to the Fibonacci support line. We can expect some price action between the Fibo lines, before any price crosses the three tops.

EUR/USD - triple top formation with stronger USD
Support 1.3612 1.3552 1.3492
Resistance 1.3662 1.3800 1.3895

Crude Oil

Coming out of the New Year sessions, Crude Oil has been experiencing a devastating fall. The technical picture has dramatically changed, from strong bullish movement across all the moving averages to liquidation mode that took back all the gains from an utterly optimistic December 2013. The Crude price went back to the strong support area from November but this time with bearish sentiment. For now the crude should find support around 93.00 or 91.77, this supports are important before any further uptrends towards the moving averages of 95.8 (8 M/A) and 96.55 (14 M/A).

Crude Oil - Complete different picture
Support 93 91.77 90.25
Resistance 95.8 96.55 97.29


On the daily chart the AUD/JPY continues to trade between 94.95 and 91.11, as it has been since September 2013. Today the price is on the upper range and we should look for potential down move to the lower border of the trading range. A break of the 93.00 line should trigger a 3-5 days move to the 91.11 support line.  As both of them, the AUD and the JPY are the weakest currencies, we can expect for this trading range to stay reliable for the next few months.

AUD/JPY - Boring technical picture but big trading potential.
Support 93 92.2 91.11
Resistance 94.00 94.54 95.23