Sitting on support level 103.18, the USD is getting ready for another push towards price gain.  Combined with recent fundamental events, investor sentiment is looking towards another bullish trend to continue gain in the USD strength. A large portion on liquidity recently has been diverted for investment to the Dollar and expectations are hig0h.  A push   to resistance level 103.389 is expected by mid-day. Traders are advised to look for CALL options from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Gains on the USD continue throughout today.


Support 102.34 102.69 102.995
Resistance 103.08 103.18 103.38


Even with the rally towards USD strength, the CHF as usual has held a firm position, causing losses for the last week on this pair. After breaching support level 0.8779, a number of sideways movements have given way to a larger correction into a bullish trend. Expectations are to see the USD/CHF move into an uptrend by the afternoon and continue towards resistance level 0.8841. Traders are advised to look for a variety of trends, mostly to wait for strong CALL options for 30 minutes.

The USD gains ground against the CHF.


Support 0.8779 0.8795 0.8805
Resistance 0.8841 0.8857 0.8877


Another pair showing generous gains over the last week, the USD/CAD is set for further gains today. Current retraction from resistance line 1.1122 is expected to be short, and as the trading day continues a bullish trend is expected to appear in the long term. Traders are advised to look for CALL options for up to 1 hour, depending on volatility.

Sideways trading destined for APPLE this week


Support 1.1080 1.1089 1.1099
Resistance 1.1122 1.1137 1.1159