When will the EUR stop sliding?

The smart money continues to be bearish on the EUR versus its major rivals. Greece continues to weigh on the value of the EUR as European lenders are losing patience with the lack of compromise coming from the indebted nation of Greece. The EUR has plunged well below the $1.10 mark in recent times and traders are laughing all the way to the bank with day-long and week-long trades down on the EUR. This trend looks to continue to pay good dividends through the end of the month.


Japan still having problems establishing proper inflation rate

The Japanese economy is still trying to ease its way out of its recent recession. Japan’s method for economic recovery has been to weaken its currency to spur foreign investment while at the same time help a relatively low inflation rate increase to a healthy level. Investors are bullish on a weakening yen with traders racing to the call position on major currencies versus the JPY for end of month trades.


USD still bullying around

The USD is still showing strong signs of continuing on its bullish path. Investors have become increasingly confident that any federal rate increase is long off and traders continue to have faith in U.S. economic strength. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly trades on the USD continue to pay good dividends for investors going with the strength of the USD.

USD is still showing strong signs