EUR looks to rebound on Greek optimism

Traders are busy placing up trades on end of week and end of month trades on the EUR versus its major currency pairings. With the EUR finally showing a bullish side, the smart money is helping to drive its value up from the lows of last month.


USD finding its second wind

The finished last month rather bearish, but the bulls are out in full force to start this month. Daily and weekly trades up on the USD versus weaker currencies are paying out solid returns. The USD to strengthen versus currencies such as the JPY, AUD, or NZD look to be good trades for the foreseeable future.


Inflation expected in Japan

According to recent reports, the Japanese economy is doing worse than expected as it seems to be sliding back towards a recession like trend. Reports also indicate inflation is expected with a continued weakening of the JPY. Traders have been very bearish on the yen, trading up against it with stronger currencies such as the USD, GBP, and EUR.