​If you are wondering how come forex has been booming in Malaysia lately, we might have the answer, you are looking for. Let’s start off by saying that it involves a trading method named “CFDs” which means “Contracts for Difference”. The unique advantage that CFDs pose over other forms of traditional trading is that they don’t have an expiration time or date and as a trader, you can decide exactly when to “get out” from them, either with a profit or with a loss. If you would like to hear some more meaningful facts about this exciting form of online trading, make sure you keep on reading this article.

What's So Attractive for Malaysian Traders?

Without having to speculate, it seems as if the ability to leverage your trades by up to X200 is definitely something that attracts both beginner and advanced traders to go ahead and try CFD trading for the very first time. Using leverage allows you to open positions with just a small percentage of the trade’s full value while earning 100% of the profits. There are other additional reasons as to why people choose to trade CFDs, especially with a regulated broker.

Regardless whether one decides to eventually buy or sell a contract for difference, he’s in for a real trading journey. If you take one moment to think about it, you’ll realize that besides leverage, the biggest single benefit of CFD trading is that anyone can start trading with a relatively small capital and without any previous experience. On the other hand, the main risk that’s involved in CFDs has to do with the so-called “market risk”, but that’s what the stop loss tool is made for. And, in case you are a Muslim trader, there are special trading conditions especially designed for your convenience. All that’s left to do now is to select a suitable CFDs broker. 

Choosing the Best CFDs Broker in Malaysia 

It is very important to make the best possible decision when you get to the point of choosing your online CFDs broker. Opteck is one of the most popular brokers amongst Malaysians, partly because Malaysian traders who choose this broker benefit from a suite of unique trading features and tools:
  1. 6 different account types offering customized CFDs trading features
  2. More than 1,000 of the world’s most popular financial assets (forex, stocks, commodities and indices)
  3. Comprehensive Educational Center with professional online trading tutorials
  4. Custom-made mobile trading app: The freedom to trade CFDs anytime, anywhere!
  5. Complete asset index by category: Familiarize yourself with endless trading possibilities
If that’s not enough, Opteck offers direct access to the financial economic calendar around the clock, so you won’t miss any market release, regardless of where or when it takes place. Oh, and a free unlimited demo account to train!

How to Get Started 

If you are ready to start trading CFDs, you can do so immediately, regardless if you are an experienced trader or just a new beginner. Opteck treats eligible Malaysian traders to a “Welcome Package” in order to help them go through the first couple of days. This package is packed with lots of added features and benefits that we haven’t even discussed yet. In order to receive it, you’ll have to first open a trading account and proceed from there. To check your eligibility for Opteck’s “Welcome Package”, Click here