Enjoy a collection of extensive trading guides that will take you from beginner to educated trader.

CFD Tradingin a few simple words

Learn the essential basics of Contract for Difference

  • What are CFDs
  • Leveraging your positions
  • Developing your technique
  • Essential terms
  • and more

The Complete CFDs Guide

Everything you need in order to trade contract for difference like a pro.

  • Spread, margin, leverage
  • Rollover interest
  • Examples of successful trades
  • How to balance your portfolio

10 Commandments

Your personal online trading bible.

  • The power of market knowledge
  • Trading psychology 101
  • The importance of risk management
  • Planning your trades
  • and more
VOL 1.

Strategies for Successful Traders

Sharpen your skills with a step-by-step trading tutorial written by top market experts.

  • How to manage risk
  • Trading chart patterns
  • Support and resistance
  • Trading on the news
  • and more

Forex Trading Guide

Build a smart currency pair trading strategy fit for your individual goals.

  • Overview of the forex market
  • 4 key rules for trading currencies
  • How to research and analyze
  • Training exercises for all levels
  • and more