USD under pressure due to Trump

The US dollar opened the week weaker after markets began selling the greenback as uncertainty in the US mounts. The uncertainty comes on the back of President Trumps executive orders which have seen a travel ban on 7 Muslim countries. The Ban has cause widespread panic with thousands of people unable to re-enter the US to resume their employment. This will continue to weigh down on the US and potential US equities as investors price in the adverse effect on the respective companies, specifically tech companies, who have a large portion of their workforce form outside the US.




EUR begins to wobble on Greece fears

The EUR has adopted a cautious tone as investors begin to re-price worries from Greece. The IMF have come out yet again to reiterate that Greece`s debt is unsustainable. Markets will remain vigilant to data out of the EU, specifically data regarding Greece. Should worse than expected news be released or if we see further cause for concern out of Greece, the EUR is expected to head south aggressively. However, better news out of the EU with support for Greece by EU members will see the EUR remain bid as concerns over Greece subside.


30-Jan 09:00 All day German Prelim CPI m/m EURUSD


Bank of Japan Takes center stage

Later tonight we will see the BOJ take center stage as they announce several key economic metrics, starting with the overnight rate and several reports and statement which will communicate to investors the current and future stance of the Bank of Japan. Should the BOJ strike a negative tone, we will see the JPY sold off aggressively as the NIKKEI 225 CLIMBS on the back of exporting companies relishing the cheaper Yen, while a more positive tone will see the JPY strengthen across the board as the NIKKEI 225 slides on the back of a firmer Yen.


30-Jan 15:00 Tentative BOJ Policy Rate USDJPY