In Asian news, China's recent crackdown on major banks and private companies to deter risky overseas money borrowing, has caused turmoil within the financial sector. With the sell-off of stocks and CBRC Chairman Guo Shuqing threatening to leave, the Yuan may be facing a plummet. However, targeted companies have been attempting to put investors at ease, explaining that the steps taken are normal working procedures, safeguarding the Chinese currency.

In commodities, Crude Oil slipped to under $45 a barrel, its lowest price this year. If the oil rut continues, discouraged traders could lose more faith in the leading commodity and hold back on investments, forcing the price towards the lower half of the $44 mark. On the other hand, the US has upped its drilling activity substantially and demonstrated that they are more than capable of competing in a $50 per barrel market. If confidence is restored, a spike in price could occur pushing the price within reach of $47 - not $50 yet, but a price good enough for the US Dollar's value.

In the UK, Brexit heat has been periodically cooled down, with Theresa May offering EU citizens to stay in the UK post-Brexit. This could be some of the best news that the EU has received lately, as well as a possible improvement for the Pound. But, until this is confirmed, agreed upon and accepted by the entirety of the UK parliament, Brexit may still have its negative pull on the UK currency.

Today's news regarding the health of Germany's business sector comes by way of the Ifo Business Climate report. A favorable result should see a significant improvement of the Euro, while anything less than the projected forecast may have a negative effect.

In the US, the focus is on this month's Core Durable Goods Orders report. Last month saw a drop in new orders of 0.7 percent, so a further drop could have drastic repercussions on the USD. At the same time, since the previous fall was the lowest this year, measures may have been taken to improve it this month, thus a positive influence on the currency.

ECB President, Mario Draghi, will be delivering vital insight later today into the Euro's status and any future expectations. Draghi is one of Europe's primary market influencers, and what he says, positive or negative, affects the Euro accordingly.