Today's Financial Stability Report should shed some light on the severity of the rise in credit card debt in the UK. If the report is more hawkish than expected, the Pound could see a long sought-after improvement. The UK regulator has called for a refurbishment of Britain's Billion Pound investment market to ease misunderstandings and reestablish savers' faith in the management industry, hoping that this will lay the initial building blocks of a more stable British economy.

The Euro has climbed to its highest level since last year's Brexit vote. This comes after positive remarks were made by ECB's Mario Draghi. The asset has risen 0.3 percent to $.1.1373, which opens the doors for prospective investors and eager traders. One must consider the fact that even though the Euro has ascended the financial charts, it hasn't yet managed to break the 1.4 mark which would be optimal.

In the stock market, Japan's Topix fell 0.3 percent, while South Korea's Kospi index dropped 0.4 percent. Leading tech-innovator Samsung joined the unfortunate trend with a 1.2 percent plummet. After a somewhat successful last few days for the Asian stock market, this is very overwhelming. Nonetheless, as a leading contributor to global technology, Asia could see its industries tech stocks enjoying favorable rebounds as the day unfolds, as their drop is only recent and they are still strong irrespective.

Haruhiko Kuroda, the BOJ Governor, is scheduled to speak today about Japan's future economic policy. This couldn't have been happening at a more suitable time considering the above-mentioned fall in Asian stocks.

The all-important Crude Oil Inventories is being released today and depending on the results, the US Dollar may decline if the price goes up, or spike if the US can intensify its oil production. Oil is standing at 43.85 per barrel which could rise to around $44.05 or fall to the 43.50 mark as per report results.