Markets moved wildly last week as a risk off sentiment prevailed when Trump was leading polls, and this week saw the reverse as we saw risk back on once Clinton re-entered poll position. Currently, markets are poised to pounce as traders square off their positions in anticipation of not only the election results but all rumors and events related to the election. Judging from how markets have reacted to previous rumors and polls, today will have investors looking for signs of either Clinton or a Trump win not to mention any uncertainty regarding terror attacks and rioting. If sentiment remains positive or Clinton stays in front, we expect the risk-on approach of this week to continue as USD and Crude strengthen and GOLD, EUR, JPY and CHF weaken and vice versa should Trump take the lead or investors perceive other risks on the day.

Today’s key economic release are as follows:


  • Manufacturing Production m/m expected at 0.5%
  • MPC Member Haldane Speaks


  • Presidential Election
  • JOLTS Job Openings expected at 5.67m


  • Building Permits m/m expected at -5.6%
  • Gov Council Member Schembri Speaks


  • Current Account expected at 1.98T


  • CPI y/y expected at 2.1%
  • PPI y/y expected at 0.9%