Getting Started with CFDs

The flexible way to trade the financial markets.


A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a trading instrument which allows you to make a profit or loss by reference to fluctuations in the price of the underlying Asset, without actually owning the underlying Asset. The amount of the profit or loss will be the difference between the price when the CFD position is opened and the price when it is closed.

The contracts require a deposit which is smaller than the contract size, this means the contract is leveraged. Which allows you to maximize your potential profits if your prediction is correct.

A position is opened by ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ a CFD:

BUYING – If you expect an instrument (be it a stock, currency, commodity, index price) to rise, you buy the CFD.

SELLING – If you expect an instrument (be it a stock, currency, commodity, index price or other) to fall, you sell the CFD.

For example:

Oil is quoted at $46.13 (SELL) to $46.18 (BUY). You assess the price of Oil as being under-priced and predict that the price of Oil will rise. You now open a Buy position and buy 50 barrels (amount) at the offered price ($46.18) and wait for the market to react.

That’s it. The position is opened and you can monitor it on the CFD OPEN POSITIONS section.

The price of Oil has increased and is now $46.23. You close the position and your potential profit is the sum of pips rised:
$46.23 - $46.18 = 5.00
+5.00 x 50 (amount) = $250 potential profit.
If your prediction is wrong, you may lose part or all your invested capital. However, you can limit your losses by using a Stop Loss order.


Use this trading simulator to open your first trade.

If you choose the correct direction, you can make potential profits based on how many pips your asset increased or decreased by. However, if your prediction is wrong, you will lose part or all of your invested capital. No further liabilities or debt, as the Company offers negative balance protection to all our clients.

Trade Globally

Our trading platform enables you to trade over a 1,000 of the world’s most famous financial assets – in all 4 markets:

Why Trade CFDS?

Unlike trading with an offline broker or bank, trading CFDs gives you the ability to open trades on hundreds of top financial instruments without having to pay huge commissions.

Our leverage is the most flexible one in the industry and allows you to maximize your investment by up to x200. So, each time you invest $100, you can actually trade with $20,000 and the potential profits might be respectively higher.


One of the biggest benefits of CFD trading is that you can start trading with small capital and potentially earn considerable profits.

  • Easy and simple to learn and master
  • Covers over 1,000 top financial assets
  • Fixed low-cost spread
  • Open multiple positions simultaneously
  • Transparent and secure

Who can trade CFDS

People who trade CFDs are looking to profit from the financial markets without having to rely on a broker/investment company or buy actual shares and bonds.

Our traders range from experienced investors to people with no financial background, who learned to trade CFDs with the aid of our premium training package.